Exercise At Your Desk


Sometimes, it’s difficult for people who sit behind a desk all day to get proper amounts of exercise.   Actually,  people love to make excuses why they can’t exercise. I used to have the same problem. I also sit behind a desk all day, and the only getting exercise I usually get is my hands pecking away at my keyboard. I can relate. So, I know it can be a challenge. However, I have been researching some simple exercise tips to teach beginner exercisers, since people are always asking me for my tips and guidance to help with fitness ideas.

I put together these ideas that you can do with very little equipment. All you need are a chair and a 5 pound dumbbell. If a dumbbell is not available, use a 20 oz water bottle until you get one.

I happened to like repeating an exercise for 15 repetitions, but that’s just me. If that is too many for you, start out with a lower number and work up to it. Also, if possible, if it’s available on your chair, lock the wheels to keep it from rolling. If you can use a chair without wheels, that is preferable, or place an object behind the chair to keep it stable – oh, and don’t worry about looking silly. I know you may feel more or less comfortable with some of these at work, especially if you are kidded by your co-workers. But, just like with a new outfit or a new hairdo, people may look at you funny when they first notice you, but over time, they will get used to it. If they don’t, then my motto is, oh well. It’s THEIR problem, not mine.

Okay, now for the exercises:

Leg Extensions – I like these because they can help exercise your quadriceps and thigh muscles. Sit straight and tall and extend your left leg, holding it for 3-4 seconds and lower. Do 15 repetitions then repeat with the right leg.

Leg Bends – good for your thighs, abs, and hamstrings. From a seated position, stand just slightly, hovering over your seat with your arms extended in front of you. Hold for 3 seconds then sit back down. Do 15 repetitions.

Double Leg Squats – this can help your legs and your lower back. From a standing position, squat down over your seat without actually sitting down. Do 15 repetitions.

Single Leg Squats – From a standing position, raise one leg and lower yourself over your seat without actually sitting down. Do 15 repetitions then switch legs.

Overhead Arm Lifts – From a seated position, in one hand hold your 20 oz water bottle (or dumbbell if you have one) and raise it above your head for 15 repetitions, then switch hands.

Arm Curls – From a seated or standing position, hold the water bottle or dumbbell in one hand and do curls. Lower your arm for 15 repetitions then switch arms.

Breathing Exercises – Breathing exercises can be very important for relaxation and optimal heart and lung functioning. It’s also good to do when people get on your nerves and stress you out.  Place your hands in your lap and close your eyes to help you relax. Slowly Inhale through your nose (counting to 7 as you’re inhaling), hold for about 7 seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth (counting to 7 as you’re exhaling). Repeat 3 times.

See, exercises don’t need to be structured or feel as if you’re doing work. If you are creative, you can get in plenty of exercise wherever you are. Just do it!


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