CIA and Its Torture Policies




        Following a lengthy (three-year) investigation into the torture tactics used against detainees held during the Bush Administration, a report is due to be released soon highlighting the details of the practices.  This is good news.  I suspect that the extent of the torture is probably much broader than most people believe that it is.

         According to Senator Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the CIA and the White House have agree to release key parts of the 6,000 report, which translates into a sanitized version of the report is to be released, not divulging everything. I wonder if it will be sanitized so much that the really salient and significant parts will be omitted? Either way, the funny thing is, the report hasn’t been released yet and already people are presenting opinions about it, some praising it while others saying it is inaccurate  with flawed methodology.

         I’m glad that President Obama opposes torture. It is a nice change of tune from the support President Bush gave torture.  I personally do not approve of it. Number one, it has proven to be an ineffective means to coerce cooperation by our enemies.  But secondly, and most importantly, the use of torture eats at the core values of the United States, and Senator Feinstein indicates as a finding in this report that such practices are counterproductive and have failed to yield any meaningful leads. 

        I am glad the practice has stopped – at least I hope that it has. I often think about US citizens who may get captured overseas. They could be tortured out of spite as retribution.  Yeah, some of the people who have tried to cause havoc and destruction to the United States are evil people.  But I think due process still ought to be afforded to those enemies of our country, even if they are the vilest of creatures, launching heinous attacks against US citizens and US interests.



CIA Torture Report  –


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