An Alligator for Some Beer?



I know we all hear a story and think, “Boy, I thought I had heard everything.”  Well, this will be one of those stories.  A Florida man tries to barter his live alligator for some beer. Maybe he was highly inebriated – too much beer already – which is why his crazy self did this.  Evidently, the man had illegally trapped the 4-foot alligator a few days earlier and got the bright idea that it might be worth something.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, “Officers cited the man for three different charges related to illegally capturing the alligator and then released the alligator” unharmed.  I think of the potential for that gator to hurt someone.  It’s bad enough when people stumble upon a wild animal in its own habitat.  But when a nut removes that animal and introduces where people will come into contact with it, that could cause a lot of havoc.


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