Postal Rate Increase


          The USPS Commission has approved an increase in postal rates, effective January 26, 2014. The increase raises first class postage to 49 cents.  If you send a lot of mail, go and get your Forever Stamps before January 26th.  If you don’t know, they allow you to buy stamps at the current rate, and still use them even after the rates increase.  I may get me some.  I don’t mail a lot of postal mail.  Generally, the only mail I send is Christmas Cards.  All of my bills are sent to me electronically, and my bank sends them a check. I hardly ever write a check.  I generally only do so when a particular company doesn’t have e-bills.  Want to hear something funny?  I have some Forever  Stamps, and I have had them for a couple of years. 

A part of me thinks that maybe the USPS needs to vanish.  Most people I know are like me.  They don’t send mail anymore. I suspect that eventually, the USPS will close.  There is talk to stop weekend service, and that may be closer to reality than most people realize. Email and e-commerce have changed the USPS and how it does business.

Other rates are going up too.  Visit the USPS website for details:



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