Evil Twin Threat Alert: Surfers Beware


If you’re not familiar with the tech term, ‘evil twin’ then you had better pay attention…and just in case you’re wondering, I’m not talking about a no-good sibling.  By evil twin, I’m talking about an authentic-looking but actually fake hotspot or public access wifi.  These hotspots allow anyone to make a wireless connection, but they can be very dangerous to your security.

These fake networks are created by hackers to allow them to snoop into your device and potentially get access to your personal information.  Do you use your device for banking?  Does your device have any stored passwords for accounts that you regularly use?  Do any of your apps link to your bank accounts or credit cards? If you answered yes, then using these evil twins will put you at risk.  It’s very easy for hackers to set up these real-looking, spoofed connections.  For a few dollars, they can buy software that simplifies it for them – and there is even some free software they often download from file-sharing websites that hackers use for bartering tools of their trade.

These hackers often use keystroke loggers. You probably know that a keystroke logger is just that: it logs every stroke of the keyboard (hence the name) showing them everything you type. It’s sometimes used by someone who trying to catch a cheating mate, but hackers use it as well to steal your account information. Even if nothing else, they’ll have the userid and password to your email account. With that, they can likely get access to many other things, because the computer user is lazy, using the same userid and password combination for everything they do online. So, the user who’s email userid is wiki-man and password is HmwYbs#185 most likely uses the same userid/password combination for his online bank access and all of his online merchants. You have to always be vigilant, even with a secure network. But if you’re not using a secure network, you make yourself vulnerable to these spying eyes. Surfers beware.

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