Drunkards Out of Control, Getting Hurt on Metro

alcohol, young people partying

Please don’t over do it tonight. It’s a big night for imbibing in spirits. Over the past several days, it has surprised me to see about all the passengers riding the Metrorail subway in the Washington, DC area who have become injured as a result of falls down escalators, over walls, and other falls while intoxicated.  It is shocking to see, but I suppose it is great that they’re not driving, risking the lives of other people.

The surveillance video shows several drunks throughout the Metrorail system stumbling and falling. McPherson Square, Archives, Clarendon, and L’Enfant Plaza stations are sites of recent incidents over the past weekend; however, Metro has stated that several such incidents have occurred over the past several months and Metro spokespersons have issued warnings to passengers about being aware of the amount of alcohol they’re drinking.  Evidently such incidents are not rare.  They happen all the time.

So, please be careful out there and if you plan to drink, do so responsibly.  Oh, and Happy New Year!

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