Shannon Nyamodi: More Blind Justice in America

Sometimes, seemingly great things turn out to have aspects of them that aren’t so great.

Nothing is truer of this than the United States of America. The freedoms and liberties people enjoy far exceed those of many other countries.  But sometimes, unfathomable examples of law enforcement and government intrusions present themselves and leave you speechless.  That’s what happened in Franklin Township, North Carolina.

You may not have heard of this case.  But, in August 2012, Shannon Nyamodi, an 18 year old black male who had graduated high school not long before, was arrested for a brutal shooting, leaving a woman injured in what police refer to as a botched murder-for-hire scheme, and he has been sitting in a jail cell since then without an indictment.  This is the state of affairs, despite the fact that the victim lived to tell police that Nyamodi was not the shooter. To this day she apparently is still claiming Nyamodi is not the person who shot her.

According to the statement Nyamodi gave to police, he heard gunshots and then saw a Caucasian female running toward him, her face and head dripping with blood due to her injuries.  He immediately called police and when they arrived, they arrested him and he was held without bond. It’s a bizarre thing. The DNA and fingerprints on the murder weapon did not match those of Nyamodi. Here it is 18 months later and he’s still in jail and has yet to be formally charged, and held without bond.  His mother, Elizabeth Crudup, doesn’t know how to help her son and is asking for the public’s assistance.

Franklin Township is probably not unlike many other small-town municipalities, a slipshod way of handling its business, including some allegations of corruption.  I know Nyamodi and his mother will be glad when the ordeal is over.  Do some searching to find more information about this case.

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