Electronic Shark Deterrent

I’m not much for beach swimming.  I seldom go in any further than my ankles. So, I have little risk of a shark attack. I’d have ample time to get out before a shark could get to me.  But those who go in deep to swim, surf, use a boogie board, or wading may not get out as easily. Well, I just found out about a device that some people use to ward off sharks.  It works similarly to the electronic fence used for dogs.

Sharks have built-in receptors in their snouts called ampullae of Lorenzini that are highly sensitive to electric currents.  These deterrent devices give off such a current and irritate the sharks.  It’s harmless to them, but it’s sufficient enough to keep them away.  It works not just for sharks but also for sting rays and other predatory and nuisance sea creatures. The devices are often installed in wet suits or may also be installed as a bracelet, anklet, or other accessory worn by the swimmer such as in the diagram.

What a neat invention.  Last summer there were dozens of shark attacks, some were fatal while others left the victims permanently maimed and dismembered. These gadgets are a must if you’re spending lots of time in ocean water. One commercial brand is Shark Shield, but there are others. This is a good example of the meaning of the phrase, “necessity is the mother of invention!”

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