Voter ID Law Change Proposed in Missouri

From the looks of things, this may become a national standard.  More and more people are pushing for ID requirements at the polls.  This being an election year, a very important election year (all 435 US House of Reprentatives seats are up for grabs; 66 US Senate are being contended).

According to the Internet site of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), 34 states have passed some form voter identification legislation. The NCSL breaks them into two categories: Strict versus Non-strict or Photo versus Non-photo.  Missouri is the latest state  to propose a change to its voter identification requirement, which places it on the ballot for voters to decide. Missouri already has a strict requirement. If the new proposal passes, it would become even stricter. It would require a government-issued ID, including military ID, but not student identification.  Opponents argue that more than 200,000 voters would be left out of the electoral process.

I wonder how many more states will take on this issue.  Take a moment and view the list of states with voter ID statutes and what the respective state laws require.

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