Snakes, Snakes, and More Snakes!

Have you ever heard of ophidiophobia – also called ophiophobia? It’s a fear of snakes.  I have one of those.  A phobia is an intense, irrational fear of something. Well, I raise my hand because I would characterize my fear of snakes as both intense and irrational.  This story and others like it sends chills down my spine, and if I worked performing animal rescues, I would have to be a slacker for this one.

In a small community in Santa Anna, California, hundreds of snakes were seized from a home, and most of them were dead. It was the smell of the rotting snake carcasses that raised concern for the neighbors who called to report it to authorities.  They were all pythons and cold, sick and hungry. Some of them appeared to have gone weeks without any food.  Isn’t that a shame? The owner, William Buchman, was charged with cruelty to animals. Authorities said there were several hundred snakes in plastic bins all throughout the house. Neighbors were overwhelmed by the stench, but it was such a bad stench that they couldn’t stomach going to his house to check it out.

As unfortunate as this is for the snakes, it also is unfortunate for Mr. Buchman too, because he must not be mentally well, living with all those dead, decaying, smelly snakes all over his house. The other unfortunate thing is he’s not the only one. There are lots of stories of people with large volumes of snakes, though most don’t keep dead snakes in their homes. Here is a sampling of some of the other stories:

80 Snakes Seized From Texas Home

Approximately 100 Snakes Seized in Louisiana

100 Dangerous and Poisonous Snakes Seized

Pythons Found In Hotel Room

Giant Snakes Seized From Home

There are lots of similar stories as this.  Lots of them.  You just never know what’s inside your neighbor’s homes.



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