Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Rewind

So, I wrote the other day (well it was yesterday) about this missing Malaysia Airline, flight #370.  I’m still baffled how a huge plane, a Boeing 777, could vanish into thin air with no trace of it. With the radars and satellites that exist, nobody can find that plane.  What about all the people who have personal electronic devices?  Surely someone must have tried to contact the various service providers to see if there is a signal from their owners (we know not everyone turns them off or puts them into airplane mode the way you’re supposed to). Didn’t anybody think of that? 

Now, it seems some debris in the water is thought to be part of that plane.  This has yet to be confirmed or rejected as fact.  Foggy, dreary weather has made it difficult for search to continue on Friday. This has to be the most bizarre case I’ve ever heard of.  Its been more than two weeks and it’s still missing.  I have doubts that this debris will be related to the missing plane.  But I sure hope so. The family needs some relief.  It’s the not knowing that is the hardest pill to swallow.  May the nightmare end soon.  The news media is loving this and they are creating a lot of hyperbole adding to people’s anxiety.  But what else is new?

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