Kenneth Harrison: A Change is Gonna Come

Kenny 01

If you’re an American Idol fan, or even if you’re not a fan, this post is to introduce you to an amazing contestant.  If you missed him, you have definitely missed a treat.  Kenny was one of the final 28 out of 75,000 hopefuls who auditioned.   That’s awesome.  His voice is so silky smooth.

As awesome his talent is, Kenny’s personal story is equally as awesome.  There are two amazing things I want to highlight. Number one, he overcame a major health crisis when polyps on his left vocal chord required it to be surgically removed.  For several months following the surgery, he couldn’t even talk.  But he eventually bounced back, got his voice back, and was able to sing again. Hearing him sing now, you’d never even know he faced that struggle.


The other amazing thing about Kenny is his warm, down-to-earth, humble nature.  He’s such a modest man and I’m glad to say he’s a friend.  He’s raising funds to independently produce his album that he plans to release later this year, and I encourage anybody reading this to consider making a donation to help support him. Any amount would be appreciated.  Whether you can give $10, $15, or $1 (no amount is too small) help support Kenny in any way you can.

If you are unable or unwilling to give anything at all, that’s okay too. Reach out and say hello to him anyway, and connect with him on  Personal Facebook Page, his Official Artist Fan Page, and LinkedIn (you’ll need a LinkeIn account to view it and connect).  Go ahead and connect with him.  That would really mean a lot to him. Show him some love.

Meanwhile, watch these two short clips. One is him singing a beautiful rendition of You Are So Beautiful. The other is of Kenny telling a little about himself and his journey to Hollywood:


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