Good Friday

Good Friday is here.  That’s today. Lent is now over. During this Lenten period, I spent some time in meditation and thought. Consequently, a couple of things have been weighing on my mind.  I think about how as a society, we become so compartmented in our thinking.  For instance, when you think of the principles of Kwanzaa, the ideals of Hanukkah, and the spirit of Christmas, the foundation of these events/holidays are established (or rather, should be established) all throughout the year; however, little is said about them (and even less is done to engender their virtues) once the days have gone. These days just ended a couple of months ago yet they are so far removed from the minds of most of us.

Hanukkah is a time for followers to focus on their faith in the ultimate triumph of peace over war.  Then there’s Christmas, which also focuses on peace and unconditional love and goodwill toward others.  Kwanzaa is built upon a set of core principles that include collective work, community building, and unity.  You (we) cannot possibly do these things effectively if we’re limited to practicing them solely on the days designated for their celebration. A lot of ground work is needed the whole year through.  Whether or not you’re religious and whether or not you celebrate either of these holidays – or other similar celebrations – it’s important to realize that if we support the ideals of being kind and generous and developing the world and people around us, it requires work and effort that linger continuously, at all times.  Otherwise our efforts may not be as genuine as we think they are. I certainly don’t do nearly enough during the year.   I can do more.  I shall do more. I think we can never do enough regardless of our station in life.

Perhaps these thoughts I am having are precisely the reason for Lent, which essentially is a time of self-examination and self-discovery.  It forces us to look at what we’re doing and identify areas for improvement. I did that.  Mission accomplished! Now I need to put some things into practice.

Have a fabulous Easter!

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2 Responses to Good Friday

  1. Same to you! What’s a memory of yours of/about Easter?


  2. When I was around 3rd grade, I remember being part of a youth group at church and having to sing and recite some Easter poems and read Bible scriptures. It was the first time I ever had to stand up and talk/perform in front of an audience. I was so scared and nervous. But after it was over, it turned out not to be as bad as I thought it would be. After that I was able to do it with no problem. I think we should try to get kids to do that more often so they can be more comfortable in front of an audience. There are too many adults who have trouble with public speaking. I bet they probably didn’t have to do it much as a child. I’m glad I did, so I’m not so nervous now when I have to get up in front of an audience. What memories do you have that stands out?


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