How We See Ourselves

How We See Ourselves

How do you see yourself? If we divide the world into gazelles and lions, it’s quite interesting that some people see themselves as a lion, while many others see themselves as a gazelle. But isn’t that how it is in life?  We’re either winners or losers; we either succeed or fail; we’re either a victim or a predator.  That’s life, isn’t it? We put labels on ourselves and on each other – restraints on our lives based on the image we have of the person we see in our mirror. Perception is everything.

There are people in this world, lots of them, just like that lion – those people who lay in wait for the opportunity to jump out and devour you. They have an “eat or be eaten” frame of mind. There also are people in life who are just like the gazelle who embrace a victim mindset and make themselves helpless to the attacks of those around them.  There are lots of bullies in the world who believe it’s their duty to take charge and control everything and everybody.  Likewise on the other extreme, plenty of people always seem to be mistreated or taken advantage of.  I think a lot of what happens and our progress and success is directly related to how we see ourselves.  To borrow words from Pastor Joel Osteen, are you a victim or a victor?

How do you see yourself?



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  1. Love the picture! I’m a VICTOR in all caps. Not a predator or victim so I’m a victorious fighter-haha 🙂


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