iPhone Woes


iPhone Woes

Well, not really woes.  I actually love my iPhone and don’t see myself having another type of phone.  I’m team Apple all the way: iPhone, iPad, and iPod, though I don’t use my old iPod much since my iPhone is also an iPod. Good thing too, since the iPod is a first generation and has performance problems. I still use a PC.  Haven’t quite made the transition over in that realm. We’ll see when it’s time to replace my current laptop.

Anyhow, I love my iPhone. When I got my current iPhone on or about March 9th, I changed my data plan.  Up until then, I had an unlimited data plan, to match the unlimited text and talk plan with Verizon Wireless. It’s kind of funny, because I don’t do very much texting and talking on it. In fact when it rings, so do my ears in most instances, as I’ve never been one who was a big phone person.  Frankly the phone may be a great invention but it’s also a tool to get on my nerves.  People love to call you on every number they have for you, leave a message, and then call back if they don’t get a return call soon enough – yet when you finally talk to them, they didn’t really want anything other than to say hello. So, that sort of thing overwhelms me when it comes to phones.

So, I use my iPhone not so much as a phone but rather, as a full service PDA, or a personal digital assistant for all of you technologic inept people out there. I check balances and pay bills; read newspapers, magazines, and books; I play games with friends (one of my favorite things to do); update my fitness and food tracker; search for and craft my own recipes; and chat and share experiences with friends on the various social networking sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google +, and to a much lesser degree, Pinterest.

When I got my first iPhone, having an unlimited data plan was crucial. I often went over, due in large measure because I was unaware of the things that would eat up that data. Now that I have a 5S, and gotten lots of practice using it and understanding it better. I now realize what will eat up those data minutes, and I don’t need unlimited anymore.  When I cancelled it, I replaced it with a 5GB plan, which went into effect on March 11th.  On April 11th when the plan reset itself and started over, I had only used 2.48GB – or about half.  I’ll keep the 5 for another month to see how things go, and if it continues this way, then I’ll reduce it even further, to maybe 2 GB.

With the increase of the number of places that offer free, public Wifi, I can do many things without using up my data minutes. Getting rid of my unlimited plan and instead, having a plan with only 2GB will save me a rack of money. I’m always looking for cost-saving measures. I used to wonder why they wouldn’t offer the unlimited data plan any more to new customers – yet they allowed existing customers to keep it.  I was paying, well I won’t say exactly how much but let’s just say that I was paying too much like a doggone fool. I finally drank my coffee and woke up.


I’m slowly looking for ways to cut out unnecessary costs.  What’s next?

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A nouveau Taurus, writing about my view of the world around me. From politics, to social problem, to public corruption, music and movies to pretty much anything I feel inspired to write.
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