Be a Blessing to Be Blessed: Part IV

Be a Blessing to Be Blessed: Part IV

As you begin to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams, it can catapult you to the top of your universe and completely transform you into someone you never knew were possible.  But, what if you helped someone else do the same for themselves? What if you helped them to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams? That would take you even higher. I know it’s oftentimes difficult thinking of the goals and needs and interests of others while you’re struggling trying to think of your own.  Even if you’re not struggling but rather, coasting along inching closer to your finish line, it’s still not always easy thinking of someone else’s goals and objectives while working on your own.

But I challenge you to give it a try. You don’t need to make it a huge enterprise, and you don’t even need to announce publicly what you have done. It’s actually better when you don’t announce it.   But think of ways you can assist someone on their road to achieving something, whether big or small, and offer to help in a tangible way.   You’ll be amazed what it will do, not just for the person you helped but for you. It’s a very humbling experience.  It also will open up the floodgates of blessings in your own life.  Like I always say, “Never miss an opportunity to be someone’s blessing.” –and I epitomize this phrase. Give it a try, and don’t wait for someone to articulate their need for help. Pay attention to those around you, reach out, and just do it! It will literally change your life if you do it often enough, especially if you do it unconditionally.

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