Vegan Wine

Vegan Wine

Well, today I tried for the first time some vegan wine. You probably didn’t know such a thing existed, did you?  Before I tell you what I thought of it, let me back track.  Those who know me well know that I’ve been following a vegan diet for many years.  I started back in 2004 and gradually eliminated animal products from my diet.  Although I try to follow the vegan diet, it usually ends up being just a vegetarian diet.

Most people I talk to about it usually ask me why I do it.  The reason I started eating this way was to reduce my intake of sodium, saturated fat, refined sugar, and table salt.  I also wanted to shed some pounds.  Eliminating animal products from the diet is the best way to make that happen and to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.  Additionally, people also end up getting around to asking me about protein.  They always want to know how to I get sufficient amounts without having to take a lot of supplements.  If you’re wondering the same thing too, well here’s how.  For starters, you can get protein from a variety of foods, such as soybeans, quinoa, barley, oatmeal, broccoli, lentils, brown rice, lima beans, peanuts, tofu, almond milk, cashews, black beans, and millet.

These are just some of the non-animal food items with protein. There are also many others. Many, many others. Eating a variety of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains will provide all the protein that the body needs.  By the end of the day I make sure I have eaten a rainbow, in terms of the different types of fruits and vegetables.  The other thing is, the numbers we often hear regarding protein needs are often over inflated.  We don’t need as much as people tend to think that we do.  I think – my opinion – is due to lobbying by dairy and cattle farmers.

Now, to the issue at hand: the wine.  I’d rate it as just average.  I am a big connoisseur of wine, especially red wine.  I Googled it and found it online.  It wasn’t a wine that someone recommended.  I probably won’t ever get this brand again, but believe me, its not so bad that I would throw it out. I’ll still drink it.  But my recommendation is not to buy it, in my opinion.  I’ve read many reviews of what is and is not a good vegan wine.  I don’t think I’ll try another brand. I’ll just stick with what I know.  Wine is just one of those things that can’t be vegan.


Cabernet Sauvignon from Vegan Vine Vineyards

Before I go, I can hear someone out there saying, “Vegan wine? Isn’t all wine vegan?”  Well no, it isn’t.  Most wines have one or all of these things:

1. Caseins, which is a milk protein;

2. Isinglass, derived from sturgeon fish bladders;

3. Gelatin, an extract derived from pig and cow hooves and tendons, and

4. Albumin, which is an extract from eggs.

While there are other ingredients that vineyards may use, these are the most commonly used ingredients that keep wines from being vegan.   An exception needs to be made.  Leave the vegan wines alone.

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1 Response to Vegan Wine

  1. I think we should all eat like this, but I find it difficult. I rarely eat meat, but when I’m not eating it I am lost as to what to eat. I think it should be a gradual thing, everything I gave up it all happened gradually and I had my proper chance to say goodbye, lol. Goodbye pork, good bye coke, etc 😉
    I’ve never tried win, so maybe I’ll get around to that since I’m old enough to try it, lol. It just smells weird to me.


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