Update: Cyber Harassment & Online Abuse

I don’t normally reblog stuff. But this one is an important topic that affects a lot of people and gets an insufficient amount if attention.

I Am Going To Write


In the last few days I’ve learned how many people actually fall victim to online abuse. Many who are left with wrecked nerves, trust issues, thoughts of suicide, etc. It’s quite sad. And most of the time, there’s no reason for it. And eventually, because you’re usually dealing with it on your own, it becomes stressful and tiring to pursue these abusers; at least in my case. I was seconds away from just giving up completely and moving on with my life, allowing the messages to continue.

Then I think of Megen Meier and Tyler Clementi who gave up completely and took a different route. They killed themselves because there were unable to handle the pressures, stress, foolishness. Like I always say, “if I weren’t built for this, I’d be dead by now.”

And I have a kid in school in this age of technology and he could easily be…

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