The Curious Case of Jeremy Meeks

The Curious Case of Jeremy Meeks

This is a story that has baffled me. I mean really, really baffled me.  I wasn’t going to devote any time to this here among the pages of my blog. But with the ridiculousness of this tale (at least I think it’s ridiculous), I need to briefly address it. The story of the so-called “Hot Convict” a.k.a. Jeremy Meeks has literally blown the roof off the Internet. If you missed it, Meeks rose the fame over the last week because The Stockton, California Police Department posted his mug shot on their Facebook page and people went crazy drooling on their keyboards because they think he is so very sexy and handsome. OK, so the guy is presumably nice looking, but he is not the first nice looking person that ever got arrested, is he? No, he is not.

There are several news articles about him, and all the attention he has received merely for his looks sure is troubling.  Even more troubling than that are some of the comments from readers, comments from people wanting to marry him (even though he’s already married), to comments from people who want to do some physical (and naked) things with him.  They have admired him so much, that one of his worshipers created a Jeremy Meeks Fan Page.  Really?  Are you serious?

I really am at a loss for understanding this one. I’d certainly see it differently if he was some sort of saint doing benevolent acts in the community and just had a single lapse in judgment and got into trouble.  But this guy has a criminal past, from weapons charges, gang affiliations, grand theft, and grand larceny.

This saga reminds me of reports I have read about how a lot of nice looking/handsome defendants are found guilty less often and when they are found guilty, the nice looking ones get lighter sentences a lot of the time.  I guess we’ll never shed the superficiality that people bring forth.

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