Cell Phone Addiction: Nomophobia

Cell Phone Addiction: Nomophobia

Although I should have known, but I didn’t know.  The attachment that you have – most of us have – to cell phones can be classified as nomophobia. That’s an actual clinical diagnosis. What it is, is that “rush of anxiety and fear when you realize you are disconnected- out of the loop” with the world because you lost, misplaced, left behind, your device at home or in your car.

Nomophobia – – – uhh, it seems like they could have been more clever with the nomenclature than that.  But evidently it’s an addiction that plagues lots of people. There’s even a push to have it added to the American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic manual, which categories and classifies mental health conditions. I am one of those people who think that doctors tend to over-inflate diagnoses, especially when it comes to mental health matters.  Maybe some people do have an addiction and experience anxiety and withdrawal when they don’t have their phones.  But I happen to believe that many of them (myself included) just lack self-control.  Apparently there are tens of thousands of people who this condition describes.  As technology becomes a more prominent fixture in our lives, I suspect that it will affect a lot more people.

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  1. I don’t think it should be added, but then again I have seen people unable to actually have a conversation because they became dazed looking at the cellphone…I feel bad when I start doing this so I leave it in my car or lock it up while at work. I refuse to become that person so naturally it bothers me when the cell phone gets more attention than me from my loved ones. Must be careful it may seem normal but someone has to take notice of what’s going on…how can you while you’re glued to a celly? 🙂 first heard the term on the news!


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