News Follow-Up

News Follow-Up

I came upon some information to support a story I previously reported on regarding reliable news stories. I wrote another about the lack of journalistic integrity in media reporting. Now, I see another item corroborating my point of view.  So, here’s the tea.  I’m reading a February 2013 story titled, The Dangers of Eating French Fries: Here’s 5 Reasons Why French Fries Should Be Called “Cancer Sticks” addresses the dangers of eating fried food because of a compound called acrylamide.  The troubling thing is, this article was reporting the information as if it was new, when the original source being cited in the article was more than 10 years old. That based this reporting on a single source from 2002. Who does that?  In the world of science and medicine, 10 years can be an eternity.  Shoot, even half that time can be an eternity.  How in the world can they report this as if it is current reporting? Where is the ethics and personal integrity that each person brings (or should bring) to their job? It’s obviously lacking in the world of news media.

Furthermore, they misrepresented the truth. The authors present this story as if cooks/chefs are including acrylamide in their foods as an additive.  The truth is, it isn’t an additive at all. It forms naturally “from sugars and an amino [acids] (asparagine) during certain types of high-temperature cooking, such as frying, roasting, and baking.”  It’s interesting (and frustrating) when misinformation is spread, especially when it’s health-related.

The greatest take-a-way is that moderation is encouraged. The occasional order of fries with your dinner is fine. Having them everyday might pose problems, and cancer isn’t the only one.  Variety is the answer.  But I found several resources on the topic, and all of them have been vetted and are from valid and reliable sources.  When you have time, go check them out.

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