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A Child Is Still A Child

Yes, a child is still a child, even when you put a gun in his hand. How young is too young with respect to children having access to guns?  Does the type of gun make a difference or is a young … Continue reading

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Michael Brown Saga Continues

  The civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri is bad and has continued to get increasingly worse.  The shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson has sparked rioting and looting, which has caused widespread aggression by … Continue reading

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Show Some TLC

A hot topic these days is suicide.  It’s such a sad thing to know that people face challenges in their lives and they see no other possible solution.  Just a few days before the suicide death of Robin Williams, a co-worker of … Continue reading

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Harvest of Empire

I have been reading with great interest the heart-wrenching stories of children, unaccompanied minors, who end up here in the United States, most of whom are from Central America. It’s hard enough when you end up in a new country … Continue reading

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