A Child Is Still A Child

Yes, a child is still a child, even when you put a gun in his hand. How young is too young with respect to children having access to guns?  Does the type of gun make a difference or is a young child too immature or inexperienced to safely control any type of gun?  That’s that question that I have following an Arizona incident yesterday (Tuesday) in which a young girl, age 9, accidentally shoots a gun instructor with an UZI.  She was receiving training under the supervision of her parents. This isn’t the first incident such as this.

An 8-year old Massachusetts boy  killed himself in a similar accident at a gun show with the same type of high-powered UZI weapon as in the Arizona incident.

 A 7-year old on a shooting outing with his parents in Kansas accidentally shot himself in the head.

It’s bad enough to hear of kids finding an unlocked gun and accidentally killing themselves or others.  But to place a powerful weapon in a child’s hands is very irresponsible.  Even experienced adults oftentimes cause death or injury when a gun they’re handling is accidentally discharged. I think there should be stricter laws when it comes to children. Parents should not be the deciding voice when it comes to guns and their children. Legislation should be enacted taking the decision-making out of their hands, just like it is with the purchase of alcohol.  As a general rule, kids shouldn’t not be allowed to have access to guns.

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