Surprise, Surprise!


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 Surprise, Surprise!

Well, not really. In Tuesday’s election, many people experienced surprise at the results. Some even expressed dismay and utter shock. There was a turnover in Congressional seats, turning control from Democrats to Republicans. The same is true for many gubernatorial seats throughout the country as well. 

I really do not know why people are so shocked and surprised. They should have seen it coming. It’s like putting your hand on a hot stove and then feeling confusion that you burned your hand. Number 1, these were mid-term elections and historically, people tend not to vote in large numbers like they do for the general elections. That’s the first disparaging piece of news. . . but really isn’t news. It’s been that way for decades. Equally as disparaging is the fact that candidates tend to do a much poorer job campaigning for mid-term elections. I look at how things were in my district. I got fewer robo-phone calls from candidates; I saw fewer direct mail ads; there were fewer annoying canvassers of the candidates at Metro stations handing out fliers; and I saw fewer television ad campaigns.

Probably most people who are avid voters don’t need those things. Those things are good for the undecided voter or the person who doesn’t vote consistently or the person who votes carelessly (votes just to say they voted without putting real thought into who or what their vote represents).

I blame the candidates as much as the voters. They need to do better at marketing. Effective marketing is the key to everything. They didn’t handle it very well. Consequently, voter turnout was truly abysmal — as expected — and we are stuck with new power. A man on the train this morning made a joke saying President Obama may end up with carpal tunnel from all the bills he’ll likely be vetoing with the partisan cat fights that will probably take place.

I sometimes think things would be different if there weren’t these different parties but just one party and you cast your vote based on a candidate’s philosophy and ideologies and not just because he’s a democrat or she’s a republican or what have you.  Political parties have changed in the past, though it’s been fairly stable for the past few decades. I don’t count the Green Party, since those folks are just a smaller sub-segment of the Republican Party. For all intents and purposes, they’re the same, at least from my vantage point they are. So, we should change and have only one party. But then, people would still find reasons to fight and bicker just for the sake of fighting and bickering.

Can’t we all just get along? No matter where you are as a politician, you’re supposed to be interested in a better America and serve all the people and not just the ones whom you like, and who are like you, right? Unless and until politicians realize this and learn to embrace this concept, the political climate in America will never get better.

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  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Our political system is in serious meltdown and the reason is the ones who are the supposed “leaders” are the ones who fail to practice leadership. The Congress is becoming a major roadblock to a viable democracy. Our current President is doing the best job possible. Those in opposition are excelling in harming governance, destroying our national credibility and prestige and lining their own pockets. Regardless of political allegiance, there should exist a spirit of cooperation, respect for the office of chief executive and a duty to the premise of first do no harm.

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