“Bill Cosby Raped Me”

Cosby on the set of his new show, currently in production. (Image courtesy of TVLine.com)

That’s been the headline off and on for the past 9 1/2 years. Here we go again. The allegations have resurfaced.  Bill Cosby has again become the brunt of rape allegations, a weight that has resurfaced again and again since 2005.  Several women have come forth to make the claim.  This is certainly a baffling set of circumstances.  When a lone person makes a claim, it just becomes a he said-she said tug-o-war, particularly when there is no physical evidence to corroborate the allegations.  But when there are several alleged victims who come forth with similar stories, one has to wonder if the story has some truth to it.

The fact that Cosby and one of the victims reached a settlement agreement adds strength to the allegations. In my mind, paying off your accuser is the same as saying, “Accept this payment in atonement for what I did to you.”  If he didn’t really do it, the settlement sure does lessen his presumption of innocence. Where there’s smoke, there’s a smoldering fire.  I definitely don’t believe as one victim, Barbara Bowman, tried to suggest, that there was a “… network of [co-conspirators] willing to aid him in committing these sexual crimes…” – or “blind wallflowers” as she calls them.

On the other hand, networks are quick to pull the plug on people when there is anything to tarnish their image. Many have been fired or had their relationships severed with networks due to bad behaviors, or even the mere allegation of bad behavior. Cosby has two pending ventures: a series of one-hour comedy specials to air on Netflix and a new  sitcom set to air on NBC sometime in mid-2015.  Do the networks view the rape allegations as hogwash, or is it as Bowman alleges, that he does, indeed, have blind wallflowers who back him in spite of his sexual crimes?

After Bowman’s initial allegation, Tamara Green came forth alleging Cosby raped her.  Then after her, Beth Ferrier came forth. Additionally, Bowman’s claim identified as many as 13 women who were victimized by Cosby; however, once they reached the settlement agreement, the witnesses were never called and Cosby was never prosecuted.

This reminds me of Michael Jackson and all of those child abuse/molestation allegations. One thing is certain, nobody really knows what happened except Cosby and those women.  But if he really did assault those women, I hope he is appropriately held accountable and not given a pass due to his celebrity status.  Only time will tell.

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4 Responses to “Bill Cosby Raped Me”

  1. I do feel Bill had sex but did not assault the women. He may have made empty promises. My question is why resurface allegations now? I may be wrong. But I see a lucrative plot.

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