Today begins Transgender Awareness Week

Today is the start of Transgender Awareness Week, which extends from 14 November through 21 November. Transgender Awareness Week is a special time for the transgender community and their allies to unite – nationwide – and launch awareness campaigns, educate the public, and advance advocacy efforts to support fairness and equitable treatment of transgender men and women.

This iconic time is an opportunity for more members of the transgender community to share their stories, and in doing so, it ultimately fosters a greater awareness and – over time – greater understanding of the issues and struggles these men and women face every day.

Transgender Awareness Week is sponsored by GLAAD, a bipartisan LGBT media advocacy organization.  For more information, visit GLAAD’s ‘Transgender Week’ homepage. Be sure to watch the embedded video on the site.  You may see some familiar transgender faces. Also visit the page of the Human Rights Campaign for additional information on the topic.


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