Happy Anniversary!

Mack and Will on their wedding day, with Rev. Bonnie Berger

Mack and Will on their wedding day, with Rev. Bonnie Berger

Today would have been my second wedding anniversary with my beloved Mack. Although we were acquainted with one another casually since 2005 or perhaps even earlier, our first date was September 21, 2006, and we instantly knew we were meant to be together. Three weeks later we made a commitment to each other to date exclusively, and got married on January 4, 2013. I knew he was the one when my mom liked him. We grew together beautifully. When I tell you that it was an effortless union, that’s really an understatement. We never had any stress, disappointments, or regrets. I sometimes hear others talk of their relationship struggles, and because of my life with Mack, I just never can relate. Mack helped me realize the importance of being with the right person so you don’t have all the drama.  Mack and I were just right for each other. Sharing love with someone is supposed to be this way, and I could not have been happier. He’s only been gone for about six weeks, but it still feels like it just happened, and I sometimes have difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that he won’t be walking through the door again.

Even though Mack is no longer here with me in the physical sense, he will always be a part of me. I thank God that Mack was here for the time he was here. Although I know he would say that he was better because of me, I can say that I’m better because of Mack. He was so perfect and the complete package of all I would ever have dreamed of in a partner, soul mate, and romantic companion. He taught me that it’s okay to have high standards, to never settle just for the sake of having love. So, though he’s not here, I’m still taking time to reminisce and celebrate our anniversary and all of the blissful moments we shared. January 4th will always be an important day for me, a day I shall never forget. Happy Anniversary baby!


About Will S.

A nouveau Taurus, writing about my view of the world around me. From politics, to social problem, to public corruption, music and movies to pretty much anything I feel inspired to write.
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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary!

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    A poignant and fitting tribute to your love and your union. Much love and naked hugs! 😉

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  2. Wow! It’s what we all hope for and only few will get. I’m glad you got it! 🙂

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