A Little Couth Goes A Long Way

I went to a department store yesterday to get a gift card for a nice couple that got married recently. I told the associate how much to add to it and he wanted to know who got married, as if he would know the couple. I was shocked, and responded by telling him how nosey I thought he was. That’s growth. The old me would have told him to mind is ******* business. He laughed and confirmed that he was indeed nosey and is always seeking a little gossip.

He laughed and scanned my other items. A moment later he went back to the gift card. “So, you never said who the gift card was for. Who got married? A friend? A relative?” he asked again. I literally looked around to see if I was on an episode of What Would You Do?  or some other candid camera type of show.  I had to stop myself from being rude to him. I don’t know what makes an associate think it’s okay to inquire about such personal details.

That reminds me of the time several years ago when I was in a supermarket and the cashier scolded me for buying a case of bottled water. Scolded is my characterization of it but when I confronted him, he said he was just informing me of the facts. He said, “Buying bottled water is a ridiculous expense. When I was a kid, we never bought bottled water in my household, even though many people bought it.”

I find it to be such a turn off. I worked retail before and would never have thought to be so intrusive with customers. People sure have no couth.

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A nouveau Taurus, writing about my view of the world around me. From politics, to social problem, to public corruption, music and movies to pretty much anything I feel inspired to write.
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1 Response to A Little Couth Goes A Long Way

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    So true. People automatically assume it’s their right to know. They’re also fairly ignorant. If they really want to know, look up the person on social media. Too many post far too much information. Good point, my blogging buddy! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


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