Taking Things for Granted


Image courtesy of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University


Living in the Washington, DC area can really spoil you. There are always plenty of things to do that are free, all thanks to the Smithsonian.  Briefly, the Smithsonian is a collection of museums and research centers administered by the US government, originally founded by British scientist James Smithson.

The collection in the Smithsonian is not only quite massive but also of a stellar caliber.  The collection of 19 + museums is really high quality, with millions of permanent artifacts, paintings, and special collections, and they even have temporary special exhibitions from time to time such as when they secured the artifacts from King Tut’s tomb.  That was breathtaking. The beauty of it all is that you can visit them for free. Oh, I said that already, didn’t I?

When visiting other cities, to see museums of comparable quality, it will cost you. On my last trip to New York City, I went to the American Museum of Natural History and the admittance fee was $22. The Royal Ontario Museum Museum in Toronto was $23.  Visits to the Phoenix Art Museum and Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute costed $15 and $19.95, respectively.  Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts was the most expensive I have seen thus far, charging a $25 admission.  When I visit other places, I automatically expect everything to be free like it is here in Washington, DC.  That’s one thing I have taken for granted.

So, if you’re in the DC area, you can see the whole world, right in Washington, DC.  If you’re not in the DC area, plan your visit now.  All of the Smithsonian museums are open everyday of the year, except Christmas Day.  If you do plan to visit, let me know. Perhaps we can do it together.  It’s hard finding people who enjoy this sort of thing.  If I planned a party or a night out at a club, I know a gaggle of people who’d be first in line to join me; but that’s a topic for another day.

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2 Responses to Taking Things for Granted

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    I, too, live in the DC area, my blogging buddy, in Arlington, VA! Surprised I haven’t run into you before (as if we are the only two folks living in the area)! LOL! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


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