Murder at Randolph Village


Main Entrance to Randolph Village Senior Living Facility

Lots of things make me remember my mom. She was my girl. Just a few moments ago, I saw on the news the senior living facility where she lived is the site of a police investigation. A 95 year old man was found dead in his apartment. The victim, Dan Long Belvin, was a retired military officer. No suspect has been identified. It’s an eerie thought. I know mom is gone now, but just thinking that someone was killed on the same floor and a few doors down from where she lived gives me a spooky feeling.

While I didn’t know him (I knew many of her neighbors, as I was a frequent visitor), it still leaves me feeling sad.One of the troubling things is that it’s a secure building. Not only is a fob required for entry into the building, but there are also security cameras everyplace. I know people can piggyback on the person ahead of them. But the overprotective (nosey) staff are quick to address strangers, as you have to walk past the office/reception area when you enter the premises. That suggests to me that it wasn’t a stranger. I remember mom telling me about some romances among the residents, even some jealousy. But she never described anything that might lead to violence.

I sure hope they find the culprit. I know it will be very unsettling for the residents until they do.


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2 Responses to Murder at Randolph Village

  1. aguywithoutboxers says:

    So sad. Unfortunately, incidents similar to this are happening all around us.


  2. I was going to say I hope your mom is safe. I hope they find the person responsible as well. That’s scary for the ones that have family there


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