McDonald’s: In the News

I was reading a recent report that McDonald’s is adding kale to its menu. They’re introducing the kale as breakfast bowls, and there are two options: a Turkey Sausage & Egg White bowl, which also has spinach and bruschetta, and a Chorizo & Egg bowl, which includes hash brown, cheddar jack cheese and pico de gallo. It’s initially being tested in California and will spread to other locations if it ends up being a hit. According to some of the reviews, it is well received by customers.

It has 240 calories, 26 grams of protein, and only 6 grams of carbs. The downside is the high sodium content, 810 milligrams. I suspect the sodium comes from the cheese, turkey sausage, and pico de gallo. Probably you could order it without those things. It’s good to see them thinking more creatively. Even though they still have a long way to go, this is definitely a step in the right direction.



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2 Responses to McDonald’s: In the News

  1. A Guy Without Boxers says:

    Thanks for the update, Will! Although I’m not a McD’s fan, it is nice to see they are at least aware of healthier options1 Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


  2. shunpwrites says:

    Kale…? Now I’m intriqued.


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