Do You Forget to Eat?

 I was having a casual conversation with a coworker, idle chit-chat following an afternoon meeting. She mentioned that she was so busy all day that she forgot to eat lunch. I have heard other people say the same thing. Honestly, I have no idea how anyone forgets to eat. I have a high metabolism and I follow the recommendations offered by some nutritionists to eat multiple meals throughout the day. This may seem weird to you but while I’m eating, I’m already thinking about what my next meal will be. I try to track my foods and plan my meals ahead of time for the entire day, sometimes for a couple of days at a time.

It puzzles me to hear people say they were so busy they forgot to eat. If I’m in a meeting or otherwise busy and didn’t eat, you can bet that it’s not because I forgot. I’m usually sitting there thinking “I sure wish they would hurry up and end this meeting so I can eat.” I’m not kidding. This is true whether I’m busy doing work-related activities or personal things.

I usually believe in the principle of multiple meals throughout the day because experts say it’s better for you. When I was a small child, the idea of eating 3 meals a day was in. But supposedly, if you eat 6 smaller meals, it’s better for weight maintenance. It’s better because it “increases [baseline metabolic rate], increases energy levels, and decreases appetite, among other things,” according to Jorge Cruise in his book, The 3-Hour Diet. Three hours is about as long as you should go without eating, and you should stop eating three hours before bedtime.

Of course, like any recommendation, this one has its critics. There are some who firmly stick by the 3 square meal per day rule. If you ask me — and I’m no nutritionist — I think you should experiment and try different things then do what works for you and your lifestyle. The three hour rule works for me, especially with regular physical activity. But whether I pursue the three square meal rule or the three hour rule, you’ll never hear me say that I forgot to eat. That’s just not gonna happen. Sorry!

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1 Response to Do You Forget to Eat?

  1. A Guy Without Boxers says:

    Great post, Will! Valuable information we all need to read repeatedly! I follow the three-hour rule all the time. People may get angry when I pull out a snack or a sandwich in the middle of a meeting but if they planned ahead, they could do the same. Much love and naked hugs, my friend! 🙂

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