The Rise and Fall of Jared Fogle



If you’re scum, then that’s what you are. Money, fame, and prestige won’t change that. This man’s story is very disturbing. The fact that he engaged in those illicit acts with children was bad enough. Now, there are recordings of him boasting about it. According to investigators, Fogle bragged about having sex with minor children, teenage girls, and the photographic and video images he had of these escapades. Adding to the egregiousness of the acts themselves, he solicited these teens with the lure of money and the appeal of luxury hotels in New York City.

He has reached a ludicrous plea agreement. By pleading guilty, he potentially avoids a life sentence in prison, and prosecutors have agreed to request no fewer than five and no more than 12.5 years in federal prison. I understand the appeal for the accused and for the government to favor plea agreements. But cases with vulnerable populations (such as those with child victims, senior victims, or if the victims are persons with disabilities) ought to be exempt from any plea deal. Perpetrators should face the full extent of the law and affiliated sentences.

The judge has the authority to hand down any sentence he sees fit, abandoning the plea deal if he believes justice won’t be fully served. I don’t know if this is a first, but a couple of prison inmates wrote the judge, expressing dismay that the government would consider such an agreement. I don’t know what impact their correspondence will have. It’s rare for the judge to counter a plea agreement.

Fogle had a cream-of-the-crop opportunity before this. Just like in that picture up above, all he had to do is stand there, smile, and hold up those big, oversized pants he can no longer wear, as a testament to how Subway helped him shed the pounds. Most of the time, he didn’t even say anything in the ads. The caption – or an announcer/commentator – said it all. Honey, don’t you know for the compensation he received, I would have stood idly there all smiles holding up my big ol’ pants, and remained squeaky clean. Subway loved it, and promoted their food as a weight management tool. Subway allegedly paid Fogle more than $15 million before they severed ties with him. You don’t know a good thing until it’s gone.

So, what’s the lesson here? Be aware of your children and who they’re talking to and who they spend their time with. It’s definitely a difficult job as a parent knowing how to strike the proper balance between giving your kids room to grow and protecting them from the evils of the world. No, it’s not easy; however I think I would prefer to be overprotective than take a chance of a pervert exploiting their innocence and attempt at independence. I only wish someone had paid attention to him (and the girls) and realized how unusual it must be for a single, lone, 30 something man to cavort around with teenage girls roaming in and out of his hotel room, allegedly as many as 14 different girls. How come nobody noticed and reported it? Hopefully these kids were not irreparably harmed. Unfortunately, with the internet, the pornographic images Fogle had of those kids may haunt them forever. Lord only knows the number of people who may have those images.

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