Mind Detox

mind detox

A few years ago, I recall Oprah went on a 21-day detox diet. Suze Orman promoted the same thing. Detoxification can have both short and long term health benefits, and I have done it too.  Many people do this from time to time to rid the body of harmful toxins.

Equally as important is employing strategies to detox your mind too. Many people on diets have the wrong mindset. Some people will say, “I have tried everything and nothing works.” I have one friend who swears he’s not overweight. He often says, “I’m just big boned, and it just looks like I’m overweight.” Many people will say they cannot lose weight, listing all the different diets they have tried, feeling destined to remain obese forever. Those who think this way are the perfect candidates for a mind detox.

It is their thinking, not the diets they have tried, and that is the reason for their lack of success. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “We’re our own worst enemy.”  Well, few things are truer of than those who create their own barriers to losing weight. Their success or failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They tell themselves they can’t do it (or they CAN do it), and that’s exactly what happens. If this is you, here are three simple steps to practice that can help you rid your mind of this type of destructive thinking. If practiced regularly and routinely, this can have some very positive effects on your weight loss progress:

First, decide on a detox period. A week is a good time period because it isn’t too long, yet it’s long enough to be a challenge. Then everyday for the week, look in your mirror and say uplifting things to yourself. Yeah, you may say it seems kind of silly and juvenile to do this. I’m here to tell you it is a positive way to affirm yourself and your goals. If you’re afraid of looking silly, do it in front of your bedroom or bathroom mirror with the door closed – with nobody watching but you. Even if you don’t believe it deep inside, tell yourself anyway. Say things like, “I am beautiful.” OR “I have the willpower to lose this weight.” OR “I will succeed.” Say things like this everyday over and over again all throughout the day. You can say these things or make up your own. Keep saying these things every day. Doing so will help to flush out those negative thoughts from your mind.

Second, pay attention to what you are thinking about yourself. Believe it or not, your thoughts can become habit. If you find that you are thinking any discouraging thought, stop yourself. Don’t allow those thoughts to linger in your mind. It’s not easy, just like giving up smoking or alcohol, especially if you have been embracing those negative thoughts for a long time; however, with practice and a little patience, you can recondition yourself to think positively.

Third, and most important, envision yourself at your desired weight. In your mind, see yourself 10, 15, or 50 pounds lighter. If you were ever at your desired weight and have photographs of yourself, post them around your house as a reminder that you were there before. This can help you focus more stringently.


Last but not least, remove the negative people from your life – those who always have discouraging things to say about your looks, your weight, and your many unsuccessful attempts at trying to lose weight. Before you begin to say it’s easier said than done – yes, I can see those words already forming on your lips – it really easier than you might think. That negative person might be your parents, your siblings, or your spouse. Whoever it may be, you can remove them even if only in a figurative sense. Learn to ignore their negativity. Allow it to roll off you like water rolls off duck’s back. If necessary, use their negative comments to motivate you to prove them wrong. Believe me, it does work.

A mind detox can be helpful if employed on a regular basis. Improving your mind can help improve your physical body immensely. Working on your body without also working on the mind can stifle your progress. So, give it a try. You might be surprised just how much your own wrong thinking has held you back. Changing that wrong thinking can change your entire life.

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