Keep On Waiting?

Why do I keep seeing this article and others like it (Why Waiting For The One You Love To Love You Back Is Hard But Worth It)?  The spirits must be trying to tell me something, because there was someone that I was interested in (someone I’ll call DD to protect their identity) – it was an unrequited love. Personally, I am on the fence when it comes to waiting. On the one hand, it can seem like an uphill battle if you want someone who seemingly isn’t interested. It definitely is frustrating. But on the other hand, if you have had good rapport, similar values, and in my case if you’re a dating snob with unusually high standards and the other person still meets them effortlessly, waiting surely is alluring to say the least.

Two of the big points in this article make a lot of sense.

First, sometimes, when the other person says they aren’t interested, it isn’t necessarily a personal reflection of you. It’s often based on emotional blockage coming from past experiences in their lifetime – that makes trust hard for them. That’s certainly understandable, since everyone has some amount of baggage that is a residual from the pain of past relationships, broken hearts, and unhealthy interactions with others. I had one person tell me she was an orphan (by choice) because of the horrible home life she had to endure with her parents, and she shuts out most people. Some people can easily move on – they get back up on that horse they feel from and try again. Others have a much more difficult time moving on.

The second key point in this article is, timing is crucial. It’s everything. Sometimes, one or both people may not be emotionally or spiritually ready to pursue a dating relationship. There may also be other things going on in one or both people’s life that might be a distraction. This is why waiting can yield the result that you want. It’s sort of going to the store and the item you want is way too expensive. Waiting can help you get it at a much better price. Love and romance can be sort of like that too.

The only thing I’ve learned is, pay attention to the whole person. Are they saying they don’t want a relationship at all? Are there signs they may not be ready? Is there deception or possible red flags? If so, then don’t wait. Fill your life, occupy your time. These are not the ones you should wait on. Even if everything seems right, don’t wait on them forever. Pick a reasonable period of time and when that time comes, shut it down and stop waiting. You’ll be happier if you don’t hold out for something that is never going to happen. Remember I told you.

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