‘Hamilton: An American Musical’ Review – An Addiction That’s Good for You


“I think the first duty of society is justice.” ~ Alexander Hamilton ~


I’ve been listening to a number of soundtracks from Broadway musicals. Some I’ve attended, others I haven’t. Let me tell you I’m truly digging the Hamilton soundtrack. My all time favorite soundtrack is by far the one from Annie – the original, followed by The Wiz and The Importance of Being Earnest. Hamilton is definitely getting added to the list. It’s no wonder it’s so appealing. It is executive produced by The Roots, a still relevant hip hop/neo-soul group that has been on the music scene for nearly 30 years.

Even though it’s called Hamilton, which focuses on the personal and public life of Statesman Alexander Hamilton, it’s much more than that and incorporates aspects of the lives of other notables such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, among others. It tells the saga of American history through song, poetic flair, and a rhythm that keeps your feet tapping and your butt moving.

61iF4fwUthL._SY300_QL70_ The album is filled with what I think are multiple hit songs, and I love them all. They keep me excited — they keep me moving and energized.  (Yes, I’m adding some of these tracks to my workout playlist.) My favorite song on the album is My Shot, because of its fresh beat, dope lyrics, and very accurate depiction of American history. Check it out below, at the end of this post.

In my opinion, innovative history teachers could incorporate parts of this song, and the rest of the soundtrack, into their lesson plans. They obviously can’t use them as-is, as there are a number of explicit lyrics throughout, and while it’s still art, some stuffy parents would probably oppose to it being used in the classroom. The advisory affixed on the front provides a warning. That aside, this album is rich in history, tracing much of our country’s path to the democracy and independence we enjoy today. Each track from #1 through #16 is popping.

I’ll be thrilled when I’m sitting in the theater watching this musical in person. Tickets are too hot right now, so hot that I’ve been unable to snag any. But once the novelty wears way down, I’ll be up in that place grinning from ear to ear. I wait with great anticipation.

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