My Review of Lillian Glass’ Book, Toxic People

Toxic People: 10 Ways Of Dealing With People Who Make Your Life Miserable, by Lillian Glass



This is an incredible book  I recommend for everybody. It addresses “toxic” people and how to handle them. The key take-a-way is that most of these people are not always toxic; it’s rarely the case that they never serve any value; it’s just that some aspect of their behaviors can cause us distress or their relationship with us can be very painful. In some cases, all we need to do is eliminate these people from our lives. But there are occasions that require us to interact with them. This book addresses how to deal with those situations.

Glass provides a description of 30 types of what she calls these “Toxic Terrors” – which includes labels such as “The Opportunistic User” or ”The Control Freak “ or “The Me Myself and I Narcissist” or ”The Instigator” or “The Arrogant Know-It-All”  or “The Liar” just to name a few. You may now know all 30, but I can bet you know several of them. I know a few just from these few labels listed.

One of the key points mentioned is that these “Toxic” people may not necessarily be a problem to everyone, which can be problematic in trying to understand how they operate. Some of them may only be a problem to you and get along collegially and lovingly to everyone else. Glass helps the reader recognize these different hurtful personalities and provides practical ways of dealing with them.

Everyone should buy this book. You’ll begin to see those difficult people differently, and you may even begin to secretly chuckle at them rather than become incensed at their predictable, destructive behavior. Furthermore, this book might also help you see some of these behaviors in yourselves and how you might be “Toxic” to others.

This book is money well spent. If you don’t want to buy it, go borrow it from your public library. Whether you buy it or borrow it, I am sure you shall be referring to it for years to come. It may help you be happy, like the song, Happy.

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