Bullying Isn’t Just For Kids


“What You Allow Will Continue”

When the subject of bullying comes up, most people immediately think of children in school or on the playground. But adults can be a bully too. I’ve seen bullying at work, in the supermarket, and I even know of many instances of bullying within families. I witnessed bullying Wednesday in the gym locker room. But the bully in this situation got more than he bargained for when the person he tried to bully wasn’t wimpy and fought back.

In short, “Guy A” mouthed off to “Guy B” in what I would describe as a threatening tone. “Guy A” alleged that “Guy B” was invading his personal space while changing clothes. “Guy B” apologized and moved over a bit, yet “Guy A” kept on griping and complaining in a menacing, almost aggressive way. “Guy B” stepped up to him, filled with spunk, saying things like, “I’m not scared of you. You don’t wanna mess with me, asshole. I’m not in the mood today”

“Guy A” slowly backed down, though both guys continued arguing back and forth for a while.  I think they were mostly just blowing off a lot of hot air in my opinion. It was probably just a lot of unspent testosterone. I kept thinking, “Oh lord please don’t let them start fighting in here.”  I hurriedly finished changing my clothes and got the heck out of there. I didn’t want to be a witness if something happened between them. The situation eventually diffused itself.

I always become elated when the person being bullied stands up to their bully. Maybe if more people did that, we’d have fewer bullies in the world. I had a bully in the sixth grade when I started a new school. This big bully used to take money from me. One day, after I tired of it, I put an end to it in a not-so-nice way. I’m one of those people who becomes like an animal when I tire of something or someone’s behavior. That’s when you know I’m Taurus the Bull. All of that disgust and anger I allowed to build up starts pouring out, sometimes inappropriately. I let my bully have it that day, and he never bothered me again after that. The good thing that came from it is, I developed a reputation of being a little crazy, and so I never had any issues with any of the other kids. I got along well with everyone, and it was all smooth sailing from that day forward.

I was at a social function a few months ago and there was a man bullying his wife. He spoke to her in such a degrading, condescending way when he told her to fix him a plate and what he wanted on it. I’m all for doing things of that sort for your mate. I think it’s sweet; however, it’s not an entitlement and it’s not a situation in which one is subservient to the other. But that’s how he treated her, and she just complied and accepted it. I kept hoping she’d stand up to him, but she didn’t.

Let this be a lesson to you, boys and girls. If somebody bullies you, it won’t end unless you’re the one who ends it. Stand up to the bullies in your life. I can speak on this from personal experience.

About Will S.

A nouveau Taurus, writing about my view of the world around me. From politics, to social problem, to public corruption, music and movies to pretty much anything I feel inspired to write.
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