How’s Your Vlog or Podcast?


I don’t view many vlogs or podcasts regularly. There are a few that I like, mostly functional ones (i.e., Merriam-Webster, Suze Orman, or Oprah). It’s the nerd in me. Sometimes though, I view random ones dealing with urban culture, music, or other exciting things, well exciting to me (see below for examples). Some are snoozers and have no excitement at all. If you produce one, is it award worthy? If it isn’t interesting, it probably would never be nominated for an award.

If you’re a  boring person by nature, take acting classes. Otherwise you’re not going to keep your viewing audience interested. I saw one the other day of a woman showing examples of different forms of planking to tighten up your core. The woman produced a 20 minute video, and she spoke in a straight monotone. It was sooooooo grueling listening/watching. I couldn’t make it past the first two minutes. Even a topic that may be interesting to a lot of people will not keep them interested if you’re not interesting in your delivery. If you’re producing a program on a rather dry topic, say a discussion on Max Planck’s quantum mechanics and its relationship to magnetic resonance imaging and electron microscopy, you had better keep folks engaged or you will quickly lose them.

Another great way to improve your podcast or vlog delivery, besides acting classes, is to look at some interesting and exciting ones and pattern yourselves after them. A great one that I regularly view is Alonzo Lerone. I popped in one of his videos down below. He’s funny at times, serious at other times. But mostly, he’s just silly and stupid-funny with no other purpose than to get a hearty laugh out of you. Most of them are like that; they will make you laugh, even if he addresses a serious topic. He covers it all from A to Z. One thing you’ll never say about Alonzo Lerone is that he’s boring. Always exciting…even if it’s a topic that I’m not particularly interested in. He keeps you engaged, and his content has such variety that it always draws people in.

pink-mugAnother one I used to like is Carswani. Carswani, though he hasn’t done one in a while, is another great example of how to put  on a fabulous show.  I miss his shows, and his attraction for that pink mug.  LBVS.  Anybody who’s ever seen his shows knows precisely what I mean about the pink mug. If you look at Carswani’s vlog and you like it, hit him up and let him know. Perhaps that will help inspire him to get back at it again. I know he wants to. He just needs some motivation.

These are just two exciting shows. There are others. Check them out. If you produce shows and you’re not going to go the extra mile to make them uber interesting, there’s no point in producing them. People won’t stick around. And if you can’t be interesting yourself, add music and filters to the video to make them a little catchier. I’ll tell you now that most people aren’t going to want to sit and watch a talking head if he or she is boring.

Here is one of   Alonzo Lerone’s that I like. If you like it too, sign up and tell him Will Saunders sent you.

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