Do You Remember?

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Do You Remember?

I was reading an article titled, You know you’re old when …, that made me feel reminiscent. I seldom feel old; maybe that’s the secret to embracing youth. I’m a little like Peter Pan. I won’t grow up. So, this article looked at trends that do not apply to today’s lifestyle, reflective of our changing generations. It’s funny how quickly things change. The article was amusing to me.

  1. It mentioned things like recording a TV show using a VCR or making mix tapes with audio cassette tapes. I remember doing both of these. The article also mentioned the number of people who keep names and phone numbers on paper–still. That one is something I do, especially when traveling; it really isn’t a bad idea actually, especially if you only call people by pushing their name (or face) on your phone rather than physically dialing their digits. That’s most of us right? I seldom dial a person’s number. There is one individual I call with an outgoing voice message announcing the number you’re calling. His number is etched in my mind. But aside from him, I know nobody’s number. If I lose my phone or if my phone dies, having a handy list could be useful. That’s why I keep a list of key people’s names and numbers when I’m traveling – just in case.
  2. The article mentioned a time when smoking on airplanes was permitted. That reminded me of the time (not that long ago) at my former place of employment when smoking was allowed in the building. There were several designated smoking areas. Then that was changed to some specific bathrooms where smoking was permitted. Eventually it was banned to a specific area outside. Boy times change. People new to the workplace won’t know what that is like. They will only know what it’s like roasting outside in the scorching heat during summer or freezing their cans off in winter while on their smoke breaks.
  3. Paying for each text message is something that appalls me. I thought all carrier’s plans were unlimited. A lady at work told me she is paying 20 cents for each message she sends and receives. I had no idea those per minute plans still existed. Today as I prepared to write this, I checked with Sprint, ATT, Verizon, and TMobile, and if you don’t have an unlimited plan, you’re going to pay 20 cents per message. This woman at work apparently didn’t know she could get an unlimited plan. I pulled her out from the rock she’s been under and broke it down for her. She had the same plan with ATT since 1996. WOW is all I could say.
  4. My first car was an old, old, old, old, car, a 1974 Pontiac Ventura. It was very different than many cars today. First, there was only a driver’s airbag. Second, the seatbelt was a lap belt only; there wasn’t a shoulder harness/strap. Lastly, the spare tire was a full-size tire. It wasn’t a mini/donut style tire. Thinking of this is definitely a sign I’m old.
  5. Lastly, my household was probably the last one on my block to get cable. In high school, we only had the three major network channels, public access channels, and Howard University’s TV channel. Living in the local area, we were fortunate enough to have Howard TV available to us with not much fuzziness.

There probably are lots of other things I could think of. I wonder what the next generation will be putting on their list, making them feel old.



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2 Responses to Do You Remember?

  1. Hey Will, when it comes to phone carriers they won’t tell you that you can get an upgraded plan for the same amount as you were already paying. This happened to me a few years back when my sister found out I still had minutes (1,000 to be exact) per month. She schooled me real quick and now I’m good, but I wouldn’t have known if she didn’t say anything.

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    • Will S. says:

      Yeah man it’s crazy. I think it would be really good customer service if they did tell customers that. Sure they will lose money on the customer they tell, but I bet they would make up for it when people brag about how the company gave them a new plan to save money.

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