Hard II Love is FIYA!

Image Courtesy of RCA Records

Hard II Love is FIYA!

I love it. Usher is one of the few artists for whom I own, and enjoy, all of his albums. I feel connected to him for many reasons. I call him my brother from another mother, and I really do love this album. I feel as if I matured right along with him through the years – from the song Think of You  on his first album (which a lot of people don’t know was mostly written by Faith Evans), through the song Good Kisser, up to all of the songs on his new album released this week, Hard II Love.

It’s no coincidence he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame only a week before the album was launched; timing is everything. Not that he needed it, but that helped to build up the hype. Some of the language in it is a little spicy, though. No, it’s not bad, really it’s not bad at all, especially in comparison to many other artists. But if you compare this Usher album to many previous Usher albums, it certainly contains more adult language than the rest. But I ‘aint mad at him. He doesn’t have his own record label, so if he wants to stay in the game, he has to play by those who make the rules. As an aside, years ago I read a story about Stacy Lattisaw and how she refused to sing certain lyrics and how she refused to dress in certain attire. Consequently, that allegedly caused the record company to sever ties with her. If that’s true, I’m not surprised. It’s really all about what the record company executives think will sell records. So, I’m sure Usher is smart enough to know what to do to keep the coins rolling.

Confessions has been my favorite Usher album up until now, and I am not saying that because it’s his top selling. I love it eternally, immensely. But Hard II Love might top that and become my new number one Usher joint. It is filled with variety, and that’s what I like. Slow ones, fast ones, sexy ones, and ones to make you think. I’ve listened to all tracks and my favorite one is Crash.  The lyrics are dope, the beat is catchy, the accompaniment fits smoothly into the melody to bring everything together beautifully, and the video, on top of everything else I just said, truly sets it off. I love this album. Here’s the video for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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