Low Salt Fritos



Low Salt Fritos

Sometimes, I enjoy a nice snack. One of my top salty snack foods is the regular FRITOS Corn Chips. The only issue I have with them is the salt and the sodium, so I don’t have them often. But I recently learned of a fairly new product: FRITOS Lightly Salted Corn Chips.  It’s been out for a couple of years or so.

I tried them and they’re not bad at all. There is an obvious difference. I could immediately tell it was less salty than the original. I checked the back of the package to find just 80mg of sodium, a drop in the bucket from the 170mg in the original.

Aside from the saltiness, there isn’t any difference that I could tell. The lightly salted version has the same robust corn flavor, is just as crunchy and crisp, and provides just about the same level of satisfaction.

kettlechips40My other primary salty snack food is Kettle Chips, the snack that tops my list. They don’t offer a low salt version that I could find. There’s an Unsalted one, though, and it has only 5% the sodium of the original. Haven’t tried it. I probably won’t. Because I don’t consume many animal products and I routinely eat a low fat, low sodium diet, a little sodium is okay. In fact, did you know you can become sodium deficient? I didn’t know that till my doctor told me that it’s common for most vegan eaters. But I digress.  The low fat Kettle Chips variety is not bad, but it has more sodium and only slightly fewer calories than the original.  I also like making my own chips. One day, I’ll share my recipe with you.



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