Donald Trump and His 10 Executive Orders


Donald Trump and His 10 Executive Orders, by Will Saunders

Donald Trump didn’t waste any time making changes, many of which are very popular. I don’t know whether people are unhappy because of their outcome or because he did it without making an assessment of the status quo and whether a change was warranted.

Either way, as of the writing of this article, he has issued 10 executive orders, and he’s only officially been in office five days. You may have missed some of them, so here is a summary of each:

  1. Repeal of the Affordable Care Act. That’s the most controversial – at least among my circle. It has even gotten the ire up among many of his supporters. Go figure.
  2. Regulation freeze of all pending regulations. in process (but not approved) until they are approved by him. There are several — including some that deal with energy efficiency standards — and they all are on hold until Mr. Trump or a designee has reviewed and approved them.
  3. Abortions as well as organizations that provide abortion services can no longer be funded using federal dollars.
  4. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) dissolution, which is a pact among the United States and eleven other countries that border the Pacific Ocean. The purpose aimed to strengthen diplomatic relations among these countries and deepen their economic ties. The executive order withdraws the United States from all future TPP negotiations.
  5. Federal hiring freeze is another which, prevents federal agencies from filling any vacant positions or open any new ones, with two exceptions: military personnel; and critical public safety positions such as those part of the intelligence community and federal law enforcement jobs.
  6. Speeding approval of Dakota Access Pipeline was included in an executive order, which calls for an expedited approval of permits for the the Dakota Access Pipeline project.
  7. Keystone Oil Pipelines was included in another executive order, which seeks a partnering with TransCanada and an invitation to resubmit its application for a pipeline permit.
  8. Faster approvals of environmental projects, which means faster deadlines and environmental approval for “high priority” infrastructure projects.
  9. American steel in pipelines. Trump directed in this executive order that all pipelines built or repaired in the United States, to every extent possible, be constructed with American-made materials. and,
  10. Establishes a 60-day Timeline for the review of manufacturing regulations This executive order requires a review of all manufacturing projects and development of an expedited processing of pending manufacturing applications.

Fascinating is all I can say. I’m sure there are many more headed this way. One of the most controversial is his promise to remove the United States from participation in the United Nations. Only time will tell about that. You can get more details about these orders and keep abreast of any future executive orders by visiting the Whitehouse website.  I shudder to think what he has next up his sleeve.



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  1. 10 Executives Orders in 5 days! Geez!


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