They Can Be A Lot Of Trouble

They Can Be A Lot Of Trouble, By Will Saunders

A few days ago, I was driving along and saw this deer with ginormous antlers dart across the road. Well, it wasn’t exactly this particular deer in the picture, but it looked identical to it. People don’t realize how menacing deer can be until you see it up close, with or without antlers. They aren’t all as cute and cuddly as Bambi or Rudolph.

I’m glad I was in a vehicle and I’m also glad I was alert and paying attention, or there might have been an accident. People walking along the road or those waiting on a bus probably might feel a little scared. I know I would have been. There are woods in the area adjacent to houses, apartments, and condos as well as a park and a shopping district with stores like CVS, Big Lots, Denny’s, and several other big and small businesses. So there were plenty of people around.

This time of year is especially problematic because it’s mating season for deer (or like some of you might say, cuffing season), and these deer are out looking for some affection. They can charge toward you and attack if they feel cornered or intimated. If their young are nearby, that also could spawn an attack. Additionally, what some people may not realize is, it’s not uncommon for a deer to become rabid just like smaller animals such as squirrel or raccoon do, further increasing the likelihood of an attack. But generally, deer are pretty docile and aren’t looking for any trouble.

Around 2007, my mom was driving her 1998 (I think that’s the year it was) Cadillac DeVille, and a small deer ran in front of her and she couldn’t stop in time without hitting it. The collision caused some terrible damage. I want to stress it was a very small animal. Most of the damage was caused by its hooves. Mom’s car ended up on top of the deer as it continued to kick the undercarriage. I don’t even want to think about what an animal like that could do to a person, between its powerful kicks and the pokes from its antlers, particularly a large deer.

The increased encounters of deer with human is due to extensive land developments. Their natural habitats are being destroyed, so these animals have become homeless. I’ve heard of land developers trapping and relocating deer to undeveloped wooded areas, which is a viable solution. But, I don’t think that’s the norm. In my opinion, it should be a condition of granting a permit to these contractors. They get their permit to develop the land if they humanely relocate the deer. That probably isn’t likely to happen very often. It’s probably too hard to regulate. So meanwhile, we just have to share our space with them as we go to and fro. I suppose it’s a lot like it is with people: let us learn to give each other space.










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