Sexual Harassment and Personal Body Cams

Google Glass

Sexual Harassment and Personal Body Cams, by Will Saunders

It’s always refreshing when people are held accountable and face sanctions when they do wrong. I’m speaking about all of the men in recent weeks who have been fired or suspended for sexual harassment. I hope victims are taking note and continue to feel comfortable coming forth.

I can see an increase in the use of personal body cameras, such as the Google Glass device. It was a device that many thought would die out. But now is the perfect time for it to appeal to consumers. There are many other suitable devices out there too. This would be good for men and women alike. Many of the perps don’t take full responsibility for their actions. I’ve listened to their apologies, or read their prepared written statements, and many of them (most of the ones I’m aware of) apologize but add how all of the facts aren’t true or the facts are being misrepresented. Case in point, this excerpt from Matt Lauer’s apology in which he stated, “Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed.” It’s too much to ask for him to just publically apologize and leave it at that rather than add in about the untruths. Other predators have included similar mitigating statements with their apologies. If they truly are sorry, why can’t they just show remorse and apologize for hurting or offending their victims without implying the victim isn’t being truthful?

Perhaps the use of personal cams could prove who is being untrue. When someone asserts they were victimized, the cam footage can back it up; likewise, when a sleaze says he didn’t do it or the facts are all wrong, the cam footage can back that up too. These 21st century cameras can even attach to your lapel or collar inconspicuously and might even look like you’re wearing jewelry (think James Bond or Maxwell Smart). It’s not just a thing of one’s imagination to have a camera in your ring or watch or an ink pen. Most are hands free, and even a technologically-dense person could use them. They can help eliminate all the he said, she said discrepancies. I don’t know how much truth-stretching goes on in these cases, but the video can go a long way to get to the bottom of it, much like the nanny cam has uncovered the abuse of babies.

Be careful who you abuse or sexual harass. They just might be wearing a camera.

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