Cruising Pregnant, by Will Saunders

Sometimes, things can hit you hard when you first find out about them. But then after you take a moment, step back, and deprogram, you tend to view things differently. I’m speaking about a family that was ejected from a Disney cruise ship over a woman’s pregnancy.

Did you know that if you’re pregnant, cruise lines have specific restrictions that apply to you? Not only are there limitations on how far along in the pregnancy you can be in order to sail, but you may also be required to provide a medical certification that you’re healthy enough to travel. I didn’t know. Did you? The rules vary from one company to the next, and there’s a site with rules of all the major cruise ships.

Evidently, 24 weeks is the common timeframe. That’s what many of the cruise lines stipulate. In this instance, Emily Jackson from Missouri, was 25 weeks pregnant and traveling with her family, including some children, when she got the devastating news that she exceeded the limit.

I’m still a little miffed that the family in this story  was escorted off the ship by an armed officer and a K-9 officer. I wasn’t there and I don’t know whether the family was behaving in an aggressive manner, but it seems that this treatment was a bit extreme, in my opinion. But I’m only a tiny bit miffed. The more I delved into this story, I came to realize the woman was apparently aware of the “pregnancy” rule, because she had the medical certification stating she was okay to travel despite being past the 24th week. She knew yet she’s upset at the cruise company for ejecting her. Maybe she’s one of those people who is used to always getting what they want.

So, while I’m sad about what happened and the way in which the woman and her family was treated, it’s not like it was a surprise. She knew the rules, and she thought she was going to be clever and convince them to let her go anyway by presenting a note from her physician. But no dice. When you try and skirt around established rules that everyone else has to follow and you get burnt, I have no pity for you. I just feel bad for the others traveling with her. Oh well,  This is one additional thing families and single travelers need to consider when planning a cruise.



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