Shopping Fiends

Some people are weak when it comes to shopping. I am one of those people. Not as weak as I once was, but still. I’m very weak.

I did some birthday shopping recently for myself. The big day is April 24th – Taurus in the house!!! Two of my regular sites sent me a “Thank You” discount code for a use on a new order: Tastee Treasures and Best Buy.

In addition to the thank you discount, Tastee Treasures carrotted me by offering a 15% discount for a future purchase if I completed a customer satisfaction survey, which I completed. That same site often has specials (i.e., Tuesday special – buy before midnight; March Madness special; special Easter sale, etc). These sites use some good data analytics algorithms, because I got follow-up emails reminding me to use the discounts before their expiration dates. They knew I hadn’t yet used them.

I don’t need much encouragement to shop. I particularly do not need any help when I get free money. I haven’t use those discounts, not yet. I may not ever use them. One thing is certain, I shop at both sites regularly, so they know I won’t need a carrot to lure me to buy. I’ll go back. But the bad thing is, Tastee Treasures tends to sell out of the things I most want. My size is the mean for its main demographic. If you don’t know, Tastee Treasures is to men what Victoria’s Secret is to women. You see men all the time post their selfies wearing their gear. So, I don’t buy Tastee stuff as often as I might buy, as they’re often out of my size. I would complete a survey about that, but the survey they offer me is always about how I like the things I actually bought, not the things I tried to buy but couldn’t.

C’est la vie!  The bad thing in this situation is kind of a good thing, though. Being sold out helps me achieve my goal to shop less frequently.

About Will S.

A nouveau Taurus, writing about my view of the world around me. From politics, to social problem, to public corruption, music and movies to pretty much anything I feel inspired to write.
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