30-Day Fitness Challenge

30-Day Challenge

30-Day Fitness Challenge, by Will Saunders

Saturday, December 1st is the day of my newest fitness challenge. I have done several challenges over the months and years. This one isn’t much different than the others I have done. The beginning stages seem very simple. Though, as it advances, it gets much more challenging.

But I can do it. It’s a 30-day challenge primarily intended to strengthen the core. Even though the first several days aren’t very challenging for me, I plan to still perform them as prescribed in the challenge. They get increasingly difficult. I’ve been advising people to do modified versions if they can’t do them as-is. For example, on day 10, the challenge includes 50 situps, 50 crunches, 30 leg raises, and a 38-second plank. If you can’t do all the situps and crunches at once, break them up. Do two sets each of 25 situps and crunches with a two-minute break in between. As the challenge increases in intensity, I’ll probably be doing lots of that.

As I get older, I find that I’m more interested in fitness and remaining healthy. Many older adult encounter problems, particularly with regard to balance and breaks fractures from a fall because they don’t usually maintain good levels of fitness as they age. Additionally, better levels of fitness can also impede the onset of type 2 diabetes and dementia. My former doctor (retired) Dr. Gabe Mirkin is 83 years old, but he’s still very active. He bikes, hikes, and does light strength training. When I look at his blog and see photos of he and his wife in various types of physical activities that he sometimes posts, it helps keep me motivated to remain physically active.

This challenge is part of my fitness regimen. I fell off the wagon over the past few weeks and failed to maintain the consistent workout routines as in the past, so this is the perfect thing to help get me back on track. If you need a boost, go on and give it a try too.

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