Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Roasted Chestnuts

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, by Will Saunders

So, here’s what happened. The opening lyrics to that world famous Christmas song is what got me on this chestnut bandwagon. Today is the first time in my life I have eaten them. That surprises most people when I tell them this, because for some reason, people think I’m kind of pompous and hoity-toity. Bougie is a word some of them use, but I am not a big fan of that word.

Anyhow, I was a bit reluctant to try them. Long before I ever held one in my hand, probably ever since I was a kid, I thought chestnuts were just another name for acorns. You know acorns, right? Those naturally-growing nuts from the oak tree, a staple for squirrels and some birds. They look similarly. Silly me, though; I can plainly see they’re not an acorn. Additionally, a simple bit of research could have solved that confusion for me, had I bothered to look it up.

I’m surprised I never had them before, and knowing my mother (rest her soul), I’m doubly surprised she never brought them home. That’s where I get my bougieness from (lol). But I bought some and roasted them, and I’m sorry I didn’t buy them sooner. They are delicious. I think I’ll add them to my regular dietary regimen. It’s a nice change from the almonds and peanuts that I normally eat. Chestnuts have some benefits that I can’t get from eating other nuts.

To begin with, chestnuts are low in fat. In fact, they are only low-fat nut, with only 1 gram of fat per ounce. Second, they are low in calories. A serving is about 70 calories, approximately half the calories of most other nuts. They are low in sodium too. Additionally, did you know that chestnuts are the only nuts that contain vitamin C? I didn’t know till now. Just 3 ½ ounces of chestnuts supply about half of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. Chestnuts also are a great source of dietary fiber. Doc tells me fiber is a great remedy to manage cholesterol levels. Chestnuts also are a good source of potassium.

Yes, chestnuts definitely are a better choice than snacking on other nuts or are a better choice than chips or crackers, which tend to be high in calories, saturated fats, and sodium, and sugars. Lastly, (which is one of the best benefits to these nuts), they taste good too. If you have never had them — and there’s a pretty good chance that you haven’t — you ought to get yourselves some. You’ll thank me later.  Meanwhile, enjoy The Christmas Song.

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