Things ‘Aint What They Use To Be

Things ‘Aint What They Use To Be, by Will Saunders


Being a parent is sure expensive. The costs are enormous. No, I’m not a parent. But I see what’s happening. The cost of caring for a child requires a lot of money, and I’m not even talking about just the basics of food, clothing, and shelter.

What this is all about is the high price of toys. I went to make a purchase for a ‘Toys for Tots” charitable toy collection drive. I was appalled. Perhaps my shock was due in large measure because I’m not a regular purchaser of toys. As I strolled up and down the toy aisle, I kept saying to myself, in my Robin voice, “Holy Toledo, Batman.” Things are much different than when I was a kid. They weren’t as expensive as they are today. They were, by today’s standards rather basic and ordinary. Some of the ones that immediately come to mind that were popular when I was a kid are G.I. Joe


the Tonka dump truck,


or Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots.

All of those gadgets were phenomenal. My most treasured toy was the handheld Mattel Electronic Football game.


The Nerf basketball

was up there too. All of those items were virtually inexpensive, and gave kids hours of fun and enjoyment. The funny thing is, whenever I talk to young people about the kinds of toys from my childhood, they often think those toys sound pretty darned boring. I’m sure 20 years from now, those kids will look back to today and might possibly think toys of today are boring.

Many of today’s toys are much different. A lot are computer-based, with embedded chips and downloadable software, and a lot of them can be connected to your Mac or PC (or your TV), which help to bump up their costs. There are a lot of tablet-based toys, even for little kids (toddler age), and I know it must really break the bank. I know many parents want to accommodate their kids’ desires, especially at Christmas. Many want to shower their kids with gifts even if the kids didn’t ask for such gifts. Of course, these advanced, electronic gadgets do have a plus side: they help prepare the young’uns for tomorrow; computers are everywhere and in everything we do. Learning at a young age gets them ready for real life. Toys of today are definitely different than they once were. Toys used to be just toys. Now, they can be so much more. Things ‘aint what they used to be. Makes me think of that old Marvin Gaye song.

About Will S.

A nouveau Taurus, writing about my view of the world around me. From politics, to social problem, to public corruption, music and movies to pretty much anything I feel inspired to write.
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1 Response to Things ‘Aint What They Use To Be

  1. Hello my brother! How are you? 🙂
    Bud I have decide to feature a post that will lead a link back to your blog!
    Thank you for all the years that you supported me and my writing.
    I am also going to be soon swaping my profile pic for one that features my face.
    The art was very nice and all, but I feel like users should know the face behind the pen, and it took a real long time to recognize that.

    Be sure to keep in touch, I feel like this is going to be an awesome thing;
    we truly need more writers such as yourself in this world.

    On a note about those toys I totally agree. I was born in the 90s, and even then toys seemed much, much better! Back then we had K and B toys, and other toy stores. All the joints moved, fingers, knees and all.
    Personally as an IT major, I think that the phone will morph into our new toys, only it will have the ability to speak to us and all, call us by name, and be a source of uplifting material for the increasingly growing anti social minds (this includes from teens to even adults)
    nobody wants to talk to others… O_o.

    -I also think that what otherrs might not consider due to the sever risk of data compromise:
    people will be speaking to an AI ‘text’ chat companion. In where the app looks like your texting a real person…But its just an AI.
    I think users will start to forsake trying to care about their data being at risk, due to the desperate need to talk to somebody, anybody.
    It’s true, this means the government miiiight wind up aquiring too much power, in where they are constantly watching everything to ensure everybody is secure.

    I totally said a giant script, huh? 😉
    anyways take care

    -from Gregory Thomas


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